Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make arrangements to see an available property? First, we request that you drive by the property to make sure you like the setting, the outside, etc. Call us at (828) 456-6111 to make arrangements. If there is more than one person making the decision on the rental, we prefer to show both/all parties at the same time. Our standard policy is for you to come to our office so we may copy your ID and you can follow us to the property. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. NOTE: some of our properties require a 24 hour advance notice.

I/We like the rental, what’s the next step? You need to submit our application filled out in its entirety along with a $30.00 application fee and a photo copy of a gov't issued photo I.D. You may download the application from this website, we can fax it to you, or you may come by the office. Applications will not be processed unless submitted with the $30.00 application fee, completely filled out and all necessary documentation including but not limited to Government Issues Photo ID. It can take up to 24 hours to approve or deny. This time is necessary to verify rental history or employment, so please make sure that those people are expecting our call. Most of the time we will notify you the same day that you apply. Once you have been informed that you are approved, you have untill 4pm the next busines day to deliver the security deposit. See the RENTAL APPLICATION page for more details.

What if there is another application for the same property? Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis. We only process one application at a time and rent to the first qualified applicant. NOTE: ALL prospective tenants over the age of 18 MUST submit an applicaion & fee. Time is of the essence. Even if received first, applicants will not be processed unless applications are compete by all parties involved and submitted all necessary information. Once we receive your application(s) and fee & necessary documents, we will date & time stamp it. We do not consider other applicants until we either approve or deny your application. If there is another applicant in front of you, you still need to pay the application fee with your application so if the first one is denied we may immediately begin processing your application. If the first applicant is approved we either refund your fee or hold it if you’d like to consider another property.

Is the application fee refundable? Once we process your application and run the background (credit & criminal check) - the fee is non-refundable regardless if you are approved or denied. If you are concerned about being approved you should discuss your situation with us before we process your application.

May I have a cosigner or guarantor? If you do not qualify on your own because income requirements are not met it is possible that you may have another qualified person (an example would be your parents) sign on the lease with you. They must also complete an application and pay the fee.

How much is the security deposit? The standard security deposit is equal to 1 1/2 month's rent without a pet or 2 month's rent with an approved pet. This policy may vary on a case by case basis.

How much is your Pet Fee? We do not charge a non-refundable pet fee. As described in the previous question, security deposit required is adjusted if you have a pet or pets that are accepted.

What are your office hours? Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm & Friday 9:00am - 2:00pm. If you wish to view property or move in on the weekend you must make arrangements during regular office hours. Please note there are times during office hours that we out showing properties or at other appointments, so the office may be temporarily closed.

How long can you hold a property? We only start "holding" the rental after the security deposit has been paid. In general the maximum time we can hold a property for is 30 days. If you back out prior to move in the deposit is forfeited as lost rent. If you wish to hold it longer you will need to begin paying rent. Some properties may not be available to hold.

How long are your leases? Our standard lease is one year. The shortest term for regular rentals we will even consider is six months. Anything less than one year will incur an increased rental amount, which will depend on the property and the length of the lease.

Do you do vacation rentals? No. You may visit our HELPFUL LINKS page for information on Vacation Rentals.

How often do you update your website? We update the photos for available rental as soon as they become available.

If I tell you what I want will you call me when something comes available? Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service. Bookmark our website and check it frequently or call the office (828) 456-6111. You may also "register" on our Available Rentals page to receive alerts.

What area do you service? Our primary towns are Waynesville, Canton, Maggie Valley, Lake Junaluska, and Clyde. We have properties as far north as Fines Creek, south Cruso, east Canton and west to Maggie Valley and Balsam.