Select Homes Rental Application and Guidelines.


Rental Application.pdf 

 Click above to download our application in PDF format.  Bring completed form to our office at 56 Montgomery St, Waynesville, NC  

You will need

  • Valid Drivers License or Photo Identification
  • Employer's Contact Information including Salary
  • Landlord or Mortgage Contact Information
  • Bank and Credit References
  • Automobile Information including Tag Number
  • $20.00 per Adult Application Fee 



Application Procedure


  • Fill out application completely and legibly
  • Attach application Fee and a copy of your Photo ID
  • Bring to our Office
  • Criminal Background Check performed
  • Credit Check performed
  • Employment & Income verified
  • Landlord or Mortgage verified
  • 24 Hour Average Turn Around Time for Approval or Denial
  • Pay the security deposit by 4pm of the next business day for Approval Notification

Click below to download a more detailed set of Application Guidelines in PDF format.  

Application Guidelines.pdf